Friday, March 16, 2007

It's been a long time since I posted. Sorry to everyone.

Perry's grandma Sandy came to visit and stayed with us. Unfortunately her luggage didn't join her until the second day, but she's smart and packed the essentials in her carry-on. On March 1 Perry turned 3. Hooray! On March 3 we had a party. Several kids from his daycare managed to show up, which was fun.

Grandma Sandy flew home on the following Tuesday, and has decided that going home to a foot of snow is for the birds, and will be celebrating Perry's birthday (or at least making her "birthday" visit) in May or some other nice time of year.

At the moment, though, Perry is sick. We got a phone call from his daycare asking that we pick him up. He had a fever and chills. He waited until he was in the grownup bed before he threw up (I'm going to learn someday, right?). He's spent the day mostly asleep in front of the tv or having stories read to him. I hope he's better before we leave on Sunday for a trip to Arizona.

Pics from Perry's party later.

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